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June 15 2017

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“From what I’ve seen, your funny little happy-go-lucky little life leaves devastation in its wake. Always moving on because you dare not look back. Playing with so many people’s lives, you might as well be a god. And you’re right, Doctor. You’re absolutely right. Sometimes… you let one go.”

#ahhh #you see this is my dark doctor #not eleven who is afraid of his capacity for darkness and the sucking; tidal loneliness within him that could swallow worlds #not ten whose darkness was all rage and mania—the cold-burning anger that condemned the family of blood or threatened to rip time #because he was Time Lord Victorious and it was his right #but nine #glorious nine #who is so comfortable with dealing out death that he thinks nothing of it; you cannot flinch from what you are #nine can smile and lightly talk about sparing one life; maybe two; because the dead of the time war slide off the scale and what is one more #world compared to that? #he is so steeped in horror it has become mundane for him (the first horror is the horror; the second is accepting it) #nine who emerged from the Time War the only colossus in a universe of ants #but rather than choosing to crush them beneath his heel because what is one more world? #he happens to be kind #because if you happen to be kind enough; if you choose not to step and snuff out their tiny lives enough times #maybe you can work your way back to being a good man #a fool’s errand #but a good fool #doctor who (notbecauseofvictories)

In short, don’t skip nine.

Always my Doctor. 

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By David M. Buisan 


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Mr. Nancy, Ibis & Jacquel, and Bilquis
⚔️American Gods⚔️


Art by David M. Buisán

Wow. I never cease to be amazed by fan art. My fav kind❤️


people who put video tutorials online for literally everything are the backbone of this society i would be nowhere without the comfort that whenever i don’t know how to do something painfully simple i can look it up like i bet i could look up ‘how to preheat the oven’ and there’d be endless videos and i never have to look like a complete idiot again. thank you all for saving my life 


This is re: the infamous origins of Hannibal’s plastic murder suit (this post). Or what happened after youthful Hannibal realized his passion for nice clothing conflicted in some areas with his passion for nice murders.

“He’s not a painter,” Maud said. She adjusted the plastic on the mannequin. She thought it was tight at the hips, but their client had asked for some very precise measurements.


Maud bent down and checked that both leg cuffs were even. “No paint on his fingers, not on his pants, not on his shoes.”

Maria sighed. “I meant painter as in art, not as in walls.”

“Same thing,” Maud said. She stepped back to look at their work. The small Baltimore uniform shop had been puzzled at first by the request of a made-to-measure protective plastic suit. More so when it had been required that the plastic be transparent. And now there it was, in all its gleaming and crinkling glory. “Artists will get their hands dirty,” said the seamstress to her colleague.

“I do get dirty, from time to time, but I prefer to spare my clothes most of the horror,” a voice behind them said.

Maria and Maud spun around. Their client, a tall, slim young man, with blond hair slicked neatly back and a European accent, was on the other side of the counter. He had crept into the shop as silent as a cat.

“Mr. Falvorno,” Maria said. “We… were wondering-…”

“About stuff that’s none of our business,” Maud finished.

Mr. Falvorno’s eyes shone in a strange light as he tipped his head, as if granting a point. He didn’t seem angry, but humored deeply and quietly.

With a gracious smile, he walked over to the dressing rooms for his scheduled fitting.

Maria’s face flushed and she scooted into the backstore, letting Maud to take care of Mr. Falvorno.

Maud slipped the suit off the mannequin and walked into the main fitting room. Mr. Falvorno was just done removing his jacket. He folded it and hung it on a chair where it wouldn’t obstruct the view in the three tall mirrors. He took nothing else off. As requested, the suit would be worn as an overgarment.

“If not a painter, then what?” he asked Maud, opening the suit, studying the seam where the zipper met the neck.

Maud tried a polite shrug. “It’s really none of our business.”

Mr. Falvorno looked up at her, and let the gaze linger until it hardened, intensifying as if it queried her soul. “Please,” he said. “Tell me, what do you think I intend to use it for?”

Maud swallowed and found it difficult to just lie. She couldn’t. Not with these eyes holding her down. “I think it’s a sex thing,” she blurted out, as truthfully innocent as a newborn.

Unbothered, Mr. Falvorno tugged the suit up to his waist. He arched an eyebrow in consideration. “In a way, it’s closer to the truth than painter.” He pulled the rest of the suit over his torso, and fit one arm, then the other one in the sleeves. “I occasionally have to take part in butchery,” the young man explained, squaring his shoulders to test for stretching space. “A colleague of mine hunts. Sometimes deer, sometimes things more exotic, abroad. Whenever we join him in this, he insists to have us participate in the quartering of the beast.” The suit looked good on him, Maud realized, if a bit awkward. But nothing could be more awkward than the situation she now found herself in, talking sex and butchery. “The last time, my jacket and pants were beyond saving. I found that unfortunate.”

She nodded, her throat still tight. “So not a… bondage accessory.”

Mr. Falvorno looked at her in the mirror. “Not exactly no.” He was smiling again. It was both particularly charming and terrifyingly detached. “But there are bodily fluids involved.”

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is it time for frank cho and milo manara to die or what

That’s basically a naked woman I’m YELLING

What a pervert. What the FUCK does he not know how clothes work? What the hypothetical fuck is she wearing then if we can see all that?

It’s like how bath towels in comics miraculously wrap completely around breasts. Or how even when injured and dead on the ground women in comics have to be twisted into “sexy” poses. Or how women in comics walk like they’re in high heels even barefoot. 


It’s the only way men know how to draw women, because to them female characters are only there to be sexy. They only think of “women” as exploitative costumes and camera angles, high heels and titillation. Sex objects to ogle, plot objects to further male heroes’ narratives and drama, not heroes to cheer for. 

I’m sorry, I was labouring under the impression that this was the crowd that thought women should wear what they want..?

And that applies to fictional women who are depicted by men how? You can’t apply agency in the plot to something metatextual when it comes to fictional characters. 

Come on, let’s not pretend this is a male exclusive thing.

We’re going to have this argument are we? Not to mention you’re deviating from the original point that attributing agency to fictional characters’ clothing is asinine. 

What you have here are images of power, and do you really believe these characters are designed with titillating heterosexual women and bisexual and homosexual men in mind? Because I don’t think you do.

This is why the Hawkeye Initiative exists. Take common female poses in comics, put a man in the role, and see how “empowering” and “strong” it actually looks: 




He got the painting for fighting against ‘censorship.’ Note that they handed him a gross design of a female being objectified, because at the end of the day, that is all they really want, to be allowed to objectify women. They don’t care about censorship in general it is about their ability to sexualise and degrade women without consequence.

You can see her butthole for chrissakes

I think the best imagery I’ve seen to explain the difference between what men think male objectification is vs what women actually want to see is the Hugh Jackman magazine covers.

Hugh Jackman on a men’s magazine. He’s shirtless and buff and angry. He’s imposing and aggressive. This is a male power fantasy, it’s what men want to be and aspire to - intense masculinity.

Hugh Jackman on a women’s magazine.  He looks like a dad. He looks like he’s going to bake me a quiche and sit and watch Game of Thrones with me. He looks like he gives really good hugs.

Men think women want big hulking naked men in loin cloths which is why they always quote He-Man as male objectification - without realizing that He Man is naked and buff in a loin cloth because MEN WANT HIM TO BE. More women would be happy to see him in a pink apron cutting vegetables and singing off-key to 70s rock.

Men want objects. Women want PEOPLE.

This is the first time I have EVER seen this false equivalence articulated so well. Thank you.

Let’s also talk about what objectification means: turning someone into an object, that is, not a subject, that is, not an agent. Turning women into sexual objects is one way they can’t be objectified, but not the only way. They’re also objectified every time they’re the one rescued instead of the rescuer; the one who’s killed to provide the hero’s motivation; the one whose love is a reward for a man who’s finally gotten his act together and beat the bad guy. Men objectify their teenage daughters every time they think of sex as something that happens to them rather than something they could conceivably choose. As long as we see men as the primary agents, the actors, the movers, the doers of our society, they can be made sexy but they cannot be systematically objectified.



So im going into my thesis defense with 2 and a half hours of sleep, a thesis that stands on questionable feet at best and a presentation half as ready as i wanted it to be in a language im like 75% comfortable with. If anyone has some extra luck or good vibes id really appreciate them in about 2 hours…

Quick update: at least my shoes are hella cute. But i forgot that they hurt like fuck when i put them on so.

sok sikert!!!!




























okay but… why fights over the gender of nutella? @@

Because. In German, is it der, die or das Nutella? Nobody knows, not even the Duden - the most widely used dictionary in Germany. 

We have some other words where several genders are possible, too, for example Bonbon (sweet - or hard candy for the Americans): both der and das are correct.

Germany has a Nutella Discourse this is the happiest day of my life

(I know it’s a meme bear with me) k but nutella is fucking female pls respect its origins TM

What if I told you….that in French… Nutella is male…

My life is complete xD European Nutella Discourse!

I’d like to have DIE NUTELLA carved in my fucking gravestone.

Echt jetzt? KETZER! Shun the non-believer! Shuuuun! Die Nutella, also wirklich … *smh* 

Yes, DIE NUTELLA, DER BONBON and DREIVIERTEL ELF. :D I’ll go down with these.

Oh. My. God. We can’t be friends anymore.

DAS NUTELLA, DAS BONBON and VIERTEL fucking VOR ELF! asgdfghasf!!!

For people who aren’t too familiar with German history:
In 1961 a wall was built in Germany to separate the VIERTEL VOR sayers from the DREIVIERTEL sayers. Back then it seemed to be the only possiblity to prevent another war on German ground. These were the good old days when you didn’t need a fucking translator to ask someone the time.

And to emphasise the seriousness of the divide: I had to look up if “dreiviertel elf” meant 10:15 or 10:45. I keep forgetting, which is no wonder given how deeply illogical this phenomenon is *arrogant West German smile*


It’s the most logical thing ever: Imagine a cake represents a whole hour. You can eat a VIERTEL cake. Or a HALBEN cake. Or a DREIVIERTEL cake. Or you eat the whole fucking cake. So, xx:15 is a VIERTEL of the whole hour and xx:45 is a DREIVIERTEL of the whole hour. Who on earth would say: “Ich habe ein Viertel mehr als gar keinen Kuchen bzw. ein Viertel weniger als den ganzen Kuchen gegessen.”

Take this, Westerner! :D

Damn. All answers I can come up with somehow end up favouring you xD Defeated by an Ossi, the shame of it!

how does dreiviertel elf make sense? Wouldn’t it make more sense to say 10:45 is dreiviertel zehn? Or is that just a typo you made?

Because honestly I’ve never ever heard someone say dreiviertel elf I thought you guys were making that up at first lol

also it’s DIE nutella and DER bonbon just sounds completely wrong and sinful

Well. If you always look at the coming full hour, 11:00, it makes some kind of sense.

10:15 = viertel elf = ¼ of the hour from 10 to 11 is gone.
10:30 = halb elf = ½ of the hour from 10 to 11 is gone
10:45 = dreiviertel elf = ¾ of the hour from 10 to 11 are gone.

It does have logic, once you understood it (it just sounds ridiculous anyway tbh. ;)

Now go away with “die Nutella”, heathen. I can’t believe I defended enemy logic to you anyway :P

While Nutella (das) and the time (Viertel vor Elf) is all fun and games, let’s introduce the source of confusion and frustration for anyone who has ever spent time with a bunch of Germans from different regions:

What do you call this

and this

(the answer is of course Berliner and Pfannkuchen :P)


It’s indeed Berliner (1) and Pfannkuchen (2). But some weirdos will come at us calling #1 Pfannkuchen or even Krapfen and then what shall we do xD

But also, how do you call this?


(It’s a Kernhäuschen!)

It’s a Griebschen or Apfelgriebschen if you have too much time on hands, fight me

okay next one what do you call

(I mean obviously it’s Kanten but just in case)

*chants to the beating of drums* KNUST - KNUST - KNUST - KNUST - KNUST.




So. Dear rest of the Ruhrgebiet, help me. What do you call this? Ich würd das ja einfach Endstück oder so nennen, ich wusste nicht, dass das Ende eines Brotes einen Namen hat, I feel left out. 

hier in thüringen nennt man das meistens rindl?? wie viele mögliche namen kann es denn für n stück brot geben?.. 😳

Also ich nenne es Knörzchen :’D













lahore pigeons are some of the most visually appealing birds out there. like in terms of visual design. very minimalist, good contrast.

Too bad Lahore pigeons are a domestic breed and don’t appear in the wild at all.
Some equally balanced wild colorations include

Pygmy Falcon

Great Hornbill



Black-throated Loon

this is a good addition to this post. thank you for this birds educations

I would like to submit the following additions to the world of exceptional bird color design:

Cedar Waxwing

Red Crowned Crane

Brahminy Kite

Green Tree Swallow (I mean seriously - those are metallic teal feathers against stark white. Damn.) 

Bali Mynah

And, last but certainly not least, the cutest fucking puffball on this planet earth:

The Korean Crow-Tit

I’d also like to contribute some pretty awesome birds

Hooded Pitta (or as like to call them little olives)



The Blue Crown Pigeon (the biggest pigeon)



All pigeons are domestic or feral lol

Excuse? Not sure if that’s a sardonic or ironic comment but…

Rock doves, the ancestor to todays feral/domestic breeds are very much wild. In the UK they’ve been pushed out to the edges of Ireland and West/North Scotland by the feral pigeon/interbreeding. They are excellent sooty and shiny birds.

Stock doves are a wild breed. A very neat little pigeon, dressed smartly with a pretty green blush.

The sorely missed passenger pigeons were wild (N.America)

Spinifex pigeons are wild (Australia) in all senses of the word.

Crested Pigeons, wild and holofoil (Australia, share your pigeons!)

Wood pigeons, collared doves and turtle doves are all wild pigeons.

Wood pigeons are big and afraid, the world is out to get them. A++ birds, very brave.

Collared doves are smol and shouldn’t be in the UK, it’s too gloomy here, but they do their best.

Turtle Doves, on the red list, be concerned about this beautiful bird ;; they only visit the UK, I have never been blessed with a sighting of this pretty pidj.

The pink necked green pigeon is wild ( Cambodia, Indonesia etc…) he fell in his makeup bag, but he owns it.

The Victoria Crowned pigeon is wild (native to New Guinea) and far too big for a pidj, needs to calm down, A++ hair style tho.

All of these here Green Pigeons are wild…

And many many others, there are so many excellent pigeons beyond our feral and domestic friends.

Yeah I forgot to clarify– I meant all pigeons descending from rock doves, which most if not all (? @ramseyringnecks ) bred pigeons come from, including the Lahore pigeons.

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This is the content I came to see on this website

They’re learning how to open .rar files

June 14 2017

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hs yearbook awards: cutest couple  → jake and amy (brooklyn nine-nine)

↳ requested by anonymous

“I’ll wait for you. And I’ll keep fighting for you and so will everyone at the Nine-Nine. We’ll do whatever it takes.”

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*smiles seductively, while swirling a glass of red wine* i am severely emotionally unstable


I am  s c r e a m i n g 

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Father, I imagined you taller.

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procrastinating by drawing raven boys 

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Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Of Bright Stars by Rreese96.

27 tracks of pure angst please enjoy.

made for @kazliin beautiful series.

@rreese996 This playlist is absolutely wonderful, as are all of your ones! 


i know it’s only fanfiction but i swear,,,,,if you don’t put a line of space between your paragraphs, i suddenly can’t read

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