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imagine like, ronan or noah or ronan AND noah buying a deck of joke tarot cards for adam with things on them like “stupid tent” and at first he is mad but then it turns out they work just as well for talking to magical forests & also it is funnier so he just goes with it

#or wait i guess ronan could just dream some #thats probably how itd go tbh #maybe hes actually trying for a real deck but it turns out horrible bc one hes ronan lynch and b he knows fuck-all about tarot cards #just that theyve got those weird stiff pictures of ppl in medieval-y clothes standing around with dogs and knives #and devils and weird phallic sticks and shit

yes. yes yes. all the illustrations look like bizarre parodies of ye olde illuminations and then all the captions are like “the minimart”

“fifteen of dicks”

oh my god

was he trying for a sincere and loving gift


#even more than ‘ronan lynch is kind of a trash monster but in an endearing way’ #i like ‘ronan lynch is sincerely trying and doing his best but unfortunately: ronan lynch’

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