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May 22 2018



i love jane eyre but honestly imagine being friends with that bitch. like imagine trying to convince her to leave rochester and she’s like idk and you’re like he called u ugly???? he keeps his secret wife locked in the attic???? wake up???? and then you think she finally has it sorted out and she calls you a few months later like “his wife killed herself and burned down the house so it’s cool we’re getting married” like !!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO YOU GO TO THAT WEDDING!!!!!!

iirc they didn’t have anything but a private wedding, probably because of this.


Straight people think that either you know you’re gay from childhood or something big happens one day and you Realize (and it is like that to some of course) but lbr for many it goes like

  • I’m straight
  • No I’m bi
  • Wait am I biromantic ace?
  • No I’m definitely bi
  • …I may not be bi
  • Am I straight after all? Am I ace??
  • Maybe I’m demi??? Who knows
  • I might also be aroace…
  • Fuck it I’m pretty sure I’m queer

or whatever

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this post is a roller coaster, not in the way that people call wild posts “roller coasters,” but in the way that i knew something was up when i started reading the first paragraph, it was like the track slowly rising up, the wording just tipped me off, i knew there was going to be a serious drop that was going to give me whiplash, but when it arrived i still wasn’t ready for it

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May 21 2018

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i’m sorry if it’s unreadable, i’m really tired and wrote quickly ^^’

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Luck isn’t a superpower. And certainly not very cnematic. Yes, it is.

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If anyone asks what chaotic neutral is, show them this.

“I don’t want to risk my life” says the guy who CAN’T DIE

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fan art

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The #DailySpitpaint Today topic is:
Plant in a bottle..
PLANT in a bottle!!
So here a Vash in a bottle 💚
#sorrynotsorry #yougetit
my poor little plant 🌱
#myart #akimao #illustration #fanart #watercolor #trigun #trigunmaximum




Marvel: We need a theme song for the winter soldier.

Marvel: Let’s distort Bucky’s scream when he’s falling and make it sound mechanical so people can feel more pain.

Listen here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HVJGh51wR7k


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It’s a mix of hell and outer space.

how are u going to tell me mermaids dont exist then 

dont quote me on this but im pretty sure weve only found baby giant squids so we dont actually know how big they can be

we also know like nothing about lobsters since most of them on the ocean floor and some marine scientists predict that, theoretically, there could be submarine sized lobsters

@leviathansuggestion @deepsea-suggestion


the thing that pisses me off about 50 shades of grey isn’t that it’s twilight fanfiction, it’s that it’s bad ooc twilight fanfiction. the implication that edward would be into bdsm is so fucking dumb he’s a 100 year old virgin who cried and went into a week-long depression the first time he fucked bella he wouldn’t even consider the idea of fucking her until they were married because he didn’t want to compromise his virtue and you’re telling me he’s a dom? no, edward cullen has the most boring vanilla sex ever the only thing unconventional about the way bella and edward fuck is that bella tops and edward cries the whole time and bella gets fed up and goes to the other house to fuck rosalie and edward cries some more in his room alone

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2018 commission


What to do when you don’t like a fic: a step by step guide

Step 1:

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that guy’s phone in the first panel became more high tech in tony stark’s presence

I am laughing so fucking hard

oh my god how did I miss that


tony stark literally upgraded a flip phone to a smartphone by being within three feet of it

People pass their old technology close to him for his blessing and lo! It is upgraded. The miracle of the flip into the smart shall be told unto the ages. 

I love how instead of just calling this a continuity error, the whole fandom decided “No, he literally upgraded the phone with his mere presence.”

Never change, guys.

Tony Stark is TechJesus



If a guy ever spreads a rumor that he slept with you, don’t deny it. One, because there will always be people who think it’s true, and two, because that dumbass boy just handed you the power to say anything you want about what he’s like in bed, and people will believe it. Say he bleats like a sheep when he orgasms. Say he put on pearl earrings and asked you to call him Daisy. Say he couldn’t get it up until he watched an old Billy Mays infomercial. The power is yours.

This is my new favorite post



so i know that the point in prisoner of azkaban is that harry isn’t really seeing the grim its just sirius but honestly that doesnt change the facts like 1. sirius’s animagus form just happens to look exactly like the grim 2. the first time harry sees him he nearly gets merked by a triple decker bus 3. the second time harry sees him he falls 50 ft from the air  4. sirius’s friends and family are all dead by the end of the series.

not sayin my man is accidentally an omen of death but he kinda is, which tbh totally works for his brand

@hayleyiw @pufflaw

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