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May 22 2018





So my dad has new clients and their son is transgender. He got pregnant with his boyfriend and put the baby up for adoption and the baby was adopted by a gay couple….which means that his baby daughter has 4 dads and no mom.

This kid is going to own at the ‘my dad can beat up your dad’ game.

“My dads can out-barbershop quartet your dads”

On the flip side, that poor kid is going to spend most of their childhood stuck in some hellish loops of ‘go ask your dad’.

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gifset based on this post

I long for the alternate timeline where Erik is the murder cousin they don’t let talk at state dinners.

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u never realize how disconnected u are from the popular music scene until u open the spotify top 50 and recognize literally two artists.






imagine like, ronan or noah or ronan AND noah buying a deck of joke tarot cards for adam with things on them like “stupid tent” and at first he is mad but then it turns out they work just as well for talking to magical forests & also it is funnier so he just goes with it

#or wait i guess ronan could just dream some #thats probably how itd go tbh #maybe hes actually trying for a real deck but it turns out horrible bc one hes ronan lynch and b he knows fuck-all about tarot cards #just that theyve got those weird stiff pictures of ppl in medieval-y clothes standing around with dogs and knives #and devils and weird phallic sticks and shit

yes. yes yes. all the illustrations look like bizarre parodies of ye olde illuminations and then all the captions are like “the minimart”

“fifteen of dicks”

oh my god

was he trying for a sincere and loving gift


#even more than ‘ronan lynch is kind of a trash monster but in an endearing way’ #i like ‘ronan lynch is sincerely trying and doing his best but unfortunately: ronan lynch’

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me when my parents want to talk



every patronus hermione granger has ever produced was done with the memory of how it felt to deck malfoy right in his smug bastard face

#every patronus ron weasley has ever produced was also done with the memory of hermione decking malfoy in the face (via raisindeatre)

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#congratulations, you played yourselves 

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I don’t have scale for just how much fucking manure that is

Well, let’s get a sense of scale then!

When I’m doing garden work and I need fertilizer, I go and buy a bag of Black Kow, cause it’s what they’ve got at Home Depot.

I’ve never bought enough to get the bulk discount, but this guy sure would have. So that’s $4.68 each.

According to some numbers I found on google, and some math of my own, the average sales tax nationwide in 2018 is gonna be just about 6.5 percent. (I also found out that apparently Montana and New Hampshire both just… don’t do sales tax? Weird!)

Anyway, total budget/(price per unit of manure * (1+sales tax)) gives us 200,000/(4.68*1.065), which is gonna be around 40,127 50 pound bags of manure. (so, around two million pounds, or a thousand tons of cow crap)

But wait! That’s just a number! How big IS a thousand tons of poop?

Well, it’s just over a hundred and fifty elephants.

It’s about 25 fully-loaded semi trucks, including the weight of the trucks themselves.

It’s about five blue whales.

If we go by what this guy says in this Seattle Times article, then the pile of manure would easily outweigh the guy’s house.

So, uh, yeah. That’s a lot of poop. But that’s just the weight of the huge pile of cow dung. What about the volume?

Well, the University of Vermont puts it at about 55 pounds of dry mass per cubic foot. Some quick math tells me that’s about 36,500 cubic feet of manure, give or take. Cube root of that gives us a cube that’s about thirty-three feet per side.

So, about that much manure. Of course, manure isn’t gonna stay in a nice, neat pile. It’s gonna spread out into a roughly conical shape. The highest angle at which it’ll rest without falling over is what’s known as the critical angle of repose, which is not something I thought I would be able to find for manure, but there’s a paper I found that gives us a good estimate.

So, it’s gonna be between about 25 and 35 degrees, I’ll split the difference, say 30 degrees. So, we know the angles involved, and the total volume of the cone this’ll end up being. From there it’s just a little bit of geometry and some algebra. (V =  π*r^2*(h/3))

That ends up being a cone that’s around 23 feet tall, and 40 feet in diameter, like so.

That’s about how much manure $200,000 will buy you.

look at his face he has no regrets

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ley lines

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“If you call it the Waifu catalogue one more time I’m calling the cops”

— my DM to me when I mention the monster manual

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should i just change my url to commemorative plaque now or-

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“The corruption begins with the mouth, / the tongue, the wanting. / The first poem in the world / is I want to eat.”  erica jong, from “where it begins.”

Hanibal Lecter in Season One.

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The purest thing I’ve ever seen

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